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HVAC Tune Up Rebate

It’s time to schedule your annual pre-season heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment (HVAC) check-up with a licensed HVAC contractor to ensure your system is operating efficiently. (Tune-ups cannot be self-performed.)  The HVAC tune-up rebate is designed for air source heat pumps and central air conditioning systems. Gas furnaces are not eligible unless part of a central air system.

Please fill out the Tune-Up Rebate application and submit with an itemized receipt showing date of service, total cost for tune-up and a checklist of services performed to Dubois REC, Inc.  Please also download and read the Terms and Conditions of the program.

  • HVAC unit must be located in a home served by Dubois REC, Inc.
  • Unit must be 3 or more years old and not have an existing preventative maintenance contract or agreement.
  • The tune-up must be performed by a licensed HVAC contractor with itemized receipt.
  • Submission for rebates must be within 90 days of tune-up service in the same calendar year.
  • One rebate per member account per calendar year.
  • Approved rebates will be returned to the customer in the form of a check by mail via the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Rebate participation is subject to funding availability. First come, first served applications until funding is exhausted.