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OUTAGES: 1-812-482-5455    |    CONTACT: 1-812-482-5454

Pay By Phone

Just call 1-844-959-3016 to access your account and pay your bill any time of day.

The Dubois REC Pay By Phone system offers these features:

  • Account inquiry and information
  • Member Information Updates
  • 24/7 payment options

Members may call the automated system any time, day or night, allowing them to interact with their account even when the office is closed. During business hours, members can still contact the office to speak with a customer service representative about their account, but credit card and debit card payments must now be made by calling the automated system at 1-844-829-1957.

Dubois REC is moving to this new automated system in order to be compliant with new credit card security standards. This helps prevent credit card fraud, while allowing Dubois REC to to continue accepting debit and credit card payments for your convenience.