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Medical Priority

If you rely on life sustaining equipment, such as respirators or dialysis machines, please take the time to let us know. We need to know about these situations where the need for electrical power is especially important. When we know these special situations, we can keep you advised of extended or planned outages.


Despite our best efforts, an interruption in electric service may be caused by auto accidents, storms, etc. Therefore, our members who rely on life sustaining equipment should obtain emergency back-up systems, such as batteries or generators.

If you rely on a life support system, please take a few moments right now and send us a copy of your doctor’s statement or home health care provider’s statement that you require this support. Tell us what type of equipment you have, as well as the type of emergency back-up equipment in use. Be sure to include your phone number so we can contact you should the need arise.

If you notified us in the past and no longer have the equipment in use, please let us know. In a major storm, we would not want to provide a priority to that service when others may require it for a life threatening situation.