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Residential Rates



Available to any consumer of the Corporation whose power requirements do not exceed 150 KVA, may be multiphase service where consumer is located on multiphase lines, subject to the established rules and regulations of the Cooperative.

Character of Service

The type of service rendered under this schedule shall be alternating current 60 hertz, single-phase secondary voltage of approximately 120/240 volts, or three-phase secondary voltage of approximately either 240 or 480 volts delta, 120/208 or 277/480 volts wye.

Monthly Rate

Facilities Charge (For Single-phase Services) $33.50
Facilities Charge (For Three-phase Services) $47.00

For the first 500 kWh used per month $0.10522 per kWh
Next 2,500 kWh used in the same month $0.09772 per kWh
Over 3,000 kWh used in the same month $0.09462 per kWh

Minimum Monthly Bill

The minimum monthly charge shall be the greatest of:

  1. $33.50 per month for single-phase service and $47.00 for three-phase service; or
  2. Minimum agreed to in the contract for electric service.
Power and Fuel Cost Adjustment Clause

The above rates are subject to change in fuel cost charge and purchased power cost adjustment from Dubois REC’s power supplier in accordance with IC 8-1-13 et. seq.
The current Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) is $(0.01506)/kWh.

Terms and Conditions of Service
  1. Three-phase service under this schedule is limited to consumers whose load requirements can be adequately served by a transformer installation having a capacity not to exceed 150 KVA.
  2. In general, motors having an individual capacity of 10 Horsepower or more must be three-phase. Where three-phase service is provided, all motors of 5 Horsepower or more must be three phase. If three phase is not available, motors in excess of 10 Horsepower may be connected at the discretion of the Corporation.
  3. The Corporation will furnish and maintain at its expense one transformation and service drop, unless otherwise provided for in the Rules and Regulations. All wiring, pole lines, wires and other electrical equipment beyond the point where the service wires of the consumer, which extend from the weatherhead of the service entrance installed by the consumer, connect with the service wires of the Corporation is considered the distribution system of the consumer and shall be furnished and maintained by the consumer except that the outdoor meter base and meter shall be furnished and maintained by the Corporation.
Late Payment Charge

The above rates are net.  In the event the current monthly bill is not paid by the twentieth (20th) day of the month, a late payment charge of 10% of the first $3.00 or less of net billing, plus a charge of 3% on all net billing over $3.00 shall apply.  When the twentieth (20th) day of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday or observed holiday, the first (1st) business day thereafter shall be deemed the twentieth (20th) day of the month. 

Effective 11/1/2023