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Security Lights


AVAILABILITY – Available to any customer of the Corporation where 120 volt service exists ahead of the meter loop for the use of security and street lighting. Customers currently being provided with a Mercury Vapor, High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide or LED Security or Street Light may continue to receive service until the ballast, control circuitry or bulb fails. The light will then be replaced with a LED type security or street light. No new Mercury Vapor or Metal Halide Security or Street Light will be installed.

CHARACTER OF SERVICE – Dusk to dawn lighting service consists of photo-electric controlled equipment, mast arm and high pressure sodium, metal halide, mercury vapor or LED lamp and lighting fixture. Maintenance of the complete assembly and the cost of its electrical operation are included in this service. Any additional investment required by the extension of secondary lines or hanging of a transformer, for the sole purpose of this service will require a contribution by the customer.

MAINTENANCE AND OWNERSHIP – All maintenance of security and street lights and appurtenances shall be by the Corporation and all security and street lights and appurtenances shall remain the property of the Corporation. It shall be the customer’s responsibility to provide any necessary trenching in concrete or asphalt and the suitable repair thereof, i.e., sidewalks, streets, alleyways, etc., required for the construction of an underground street lighting system.

The Corporation shall install the service lines necessary to supply electric energy to the said security and street lighting systems within the limits of the public streets and highways or on private property as mutually agreed upon by Corporation and customer. The customer shall assist Corporation, if necessary, in obtaining written easements covering permission to install and maintain any service lines which it may be desirable to install upon private property.

BILLING – The security light charge shall be shown on the customer’s bill by adding to his net bill the amount of the security light charge and shall be paid for at the same time and on the same terms as the customer’s regular bill.

TERMINATION OF SERVICE – The consumer may request termination of service at his option and the Corporation will remove its property upon such notice with reasonable diligence. The Corporation may remove its fixture and cancel security lighting service when such action is necessary to protect the Corporation from fraud or abuse.

LATE PAYMENT CHARGE-The above rates are net.  In the event the current monthly bill is not paid by the twentieth (20th) day of the month, a late payment charge of 10% of the first $3.00 or less of net billing, plus a charge of 3% on all net billing over $3.00 shall apply.  When the twentieth (20th) day of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday or observed holiday, the first (1st) business day thereafter shall be deemed the twentieth (20th) day of the month. 

Mercury Vapor (No New Installations)


Monthly Rate

175 Watts 7,000 $8.32
400 Watts 20,000 $12.71
400 Watts – Directional 20,000 $12.71

High Pressure Sodium Vapor
(No New Installations)


Monthly Rate

100 Watts 9,500 $7.50
100 Watts – Cobra Head (Street lights only) 9,500 $7.95
150 Watts (Street lights only) 16,000 $8.07
250 Watts (Street lights only) 27,500 $12.95
250 Watts – Cobra Head (Street lights only) 27,500 $14.00
400 Watts – Directional (Street lights only) 50,000 $15.18

Metal Halide (No New Installations)


Monthly Rate

100 Watts 6,400 $8.75
175 Watts – Cobra Head (Street lights only) 14,000 $9.50
400 Watts (Street lights only) 34,000 $12.73
400 Watts – Cobra Head (Street lights only) 34,000 $12.73
400 Watts – Directional (Street lights only) 45,000 $12.73

LED (Residential and Street Lights)


Monthly Rate

40 Watts (No new installations) 4,000 $7.25
54 Watts – Cobra Head 5,000 $7.40
70 Watts 5,500 $7.50
108 Watts – Cobra Head 10,000 $8.80
129 Watts – Directional 14,000 $11.20
160 Watts – Cobra Head 16,000 $11.60

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